Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why is this technique better than conventional techniques?

Conventional techniques are “static” which means the client allows the therapist to do all of the work. Our method is Kinetic Pliability Therapy (KPT) which means the client is interactive and moving throughout the session. We allow the client to be in control during the session and the movements help activate their muscles to enable the therapist to address them efficiently and effectively. We do utilize traditional methods but the activation of muscles enhances and intensifies the experience.

How do the resistance bands help with recovery?

The resistance bands enable us to put the client through different movements while activating the muscles in the areas of concern. All sessions are customized to the client and the resistance of the bands are fully adjustable. The resistance bands help with speeding up recovery and also does not require the therapist having to “dig” away at the muscles to find the issue. The resistance bands also enable education of the body during “proper movements and allows the client to be a part of their healing process.

Who benefits from this type of massage and why?

Massage Band is literally for everyone! Anyone that wants and accepts healing practices will benefit from Kinetic Pliability Therapy (KPT). This form of therapy customizes its treatments to the client, which means there is no particular group or person that will benefit more than the others.


How does this technique speed up recovery?

Massage Band speeds up recovery because utilizing the resistance bands helps the therapist find the issues that much faster. The client throughout the session is bringing the muscles to the surface and the therapist addresses the muscles simultaneously. This method creates accuracy and less of a risk for soreness because damaging the surrounding tissue is eliminated.

What is the benefit of being interactive?

Massage Band takes pride in educating their clients before, during and after their session. Being interactive during the session enables the client to know exactly what is going on and also helps them grasp a better understanding of their body. Our private studies have shown us that being a cohesive unit during the session produces faster recovery and maximizes results. The education and guidance given during the interactive session helps the client understand how to maintain the achieved results in between sessions. No matter who you are, if you’re able to get on the table then you’re able to be interactive with us and benefit from our method.

How does it help with athletic performance?

Massage Band deals with athletes on all levels. It has been proven that we give athletes a “competitive edge." Athletes put their body through intense and rigorous activities which means recovery is a crucial part to their performance. That is where Massage Band and Kinetic Pliability Therapy comes into play. Our therapy helps them stay healthy and recover properly. All of our sessions are customized to the client which enables us to focus on exactly what the athlete needs. We are able to work on athletes before or after their activities (pre and post).

Being able to increase mobility, range of motion, flexibility and the breaking down of scar tissue in a matter of minutes is what separates us from the rest. Our patented method and table is results driven and once an athlete experiences what we do, they instantly become a believer!