Massage Band is true to their name. The new Massage Band method has completely enhanced the recovery and rehab experience. After my Massage Band leg work session, I felt results immediately. The flexibility in my hips were vastly improved, and my usual hip tightness was instantly relieved. The Massage Band and joint exercises also served as a good distraction while the therapists broke up the knots. I recommend this to people recovering from injuries and/or people with a history of muscle tightness. This really helps with flexibility and mobility. From now on Massage Band will be a critical part in my recovery and in my future trainings as a runner.

Celina- Runner

I have been receiving regular Massage Band sessions for about 6 months now. A lot of things go into making sure you are at your best before an upcoming professional boxing match. Training hard, watching your diet and getting enough rest is at the top of the list. Regular massages are equally as important too, as it speeds up recovery and helps prevent injury. I really look forward to my regular Massage Band sessions because I understand the importance. The therapists do a first class job and have a great understanding of what athletes go through and need. I would recommend Massage Band to anybody! Massage Band has convinced me that it’s the best form of massage therapy I have ever received. Recently, I trained for 36-hours in a 6-day period and these 6-days consisted of 12-hours of various cardio workouts, 12-hours of boxing training which (included 48 rounds of sparring) and 12-hours of strength and conditioning. You could only imagine what my body felt like and believe me everything hurt but after a great Massage Band therapy session I was back ready for action Monday morning. The therapists are very professional and do a wonderful job explaining what’s going on while they perform their methods. There is never and uncomfortable moment during the session because the client is being interactive while becoming educated. Great massage therapists are hard to find but I truly thank Massage Band for all their amazing work. I always tell my fellow boxing friends and family, if you want to get the best results out of yourself and reach your full potential please contact Massage Band and receive a Massage Band therapy session!

Dominic “Trouble” Breazeale  | Professional Boxer

Client expressed to the massage therapist issues that have been going on for years. The client works in retail and is on his feet for more than 8-hours which caused persistent pain in his legs, hips and lower back. Massage Band was introduced as a way to speed up the healing process and help him better understand his body. During the Massage Band session we were able to apply range of motion techniques that used his legs to better stabilize his lower back and glutes. After working on his glutes and legs for 30-minutes the Massage Band session was complete. Immediately, the client stood up and expressed gratitude from the lack of pain in his lower extremities. Three days later the client felt considerable improvements in the lack of tension and newfound range of motion in his lower extremities.

We followed up with the client 3-days later to see how he felt. “The tension provided by Massage Band allows the therapist to get to the problem areas much more easily. It not only assists during the massage, but it helps me to understand the way my muscles work and the benefits of the massage. I felt the benefits immediately.

Scott  | Retail Store Manager


Sixty-nine year old client presented an issue to her massage therapist that had been lingering and unresolved by many different physical therapists. She was having issues playing her cello because she was unable to hit each chord in order to properly play the instrument. Her therapist presented the idea of a 30-minute customized Massage Band therapy session, which would increase her range of motion, mobility, flexibility and most importantly enable her to play her cello without any restrictions or discomfort. After administering the Massage Band therapy method alongside other traditional massage techniques the client was given full range of motion and able to reach each chord with no limitations. This was all accomplished within an 30-minute Massage Band therapy session.

It was also explained to the client that treatments must be consistent and her sessions will continue to be customized which will enable her to fully play her instrument with no restrictions.

Risa  | Cellist

The Massage Band experience proved to me that it has benefits to restoring my muscles fast. My legs were sore from a backpacking trip during our first session. The bands helped provide deep therapy while allowing my muscles to release relatively quick. I did only one session so I want to keep using Massage Band consistently to see maximum results. Can't wait to plan the next session!

Joel F.  | Client

As a Director of Photography, I work a 70-hour work week, running around on film sets. Edwin has been my massage therapist for the last four years and we recently had a session with his invention, Massage Band. I can't begin to describe what a difference this device in conjunction with Edwin's expertise has made. I was using the bands that are built into the table while being instructed to perform light exercises with the bands (which triggered my muscles) also while Edwin manipulated and massaged me. I was worried that I would be exercising while I was there to relax, but the use of the bands was easy and extremely helpful in loosening up my tight muscles. I think this invention is a huge breakthrough in massage therapy and I highly recommend this equipment, method and Eddie's expertise.

Attila Szalay ASC  | Client

Eddie is passionate, educated, and full of energy. His banded massage is a mix between massage and physical therapy, meaning, it is the best of both worlds! Unlike having a regular massage where you have them dig into the tight muscle, Eddie uses the band's to activate the surrounding muscles in order to work through the tightness in a natural, functional way. You as the client become a part of the healing process and get an education about your body, how it should move, and what things you can do outside of the room to keep mobility at it's best. I had a tight hip and back muscle that was not getting better with all the stretching and massages I was getting done. One 10 minute session with Eddie and within the week all the back pain was gone and has stayed healthy! My advice is go experience the banded massage for yourself. You will wonder why you waited so long.

Tierra T.  | Client